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Jrock mpreg fanfiction
Tenir Mon Coeur-(MikaruXSatsuki) Chapter 1a/? 
2nd-Oct-2009 08:24 am

Fandom: JRock (Visual Kei) Yaoi
Dio~Distraught Overlord~ Rentrer en Soi, Solo
 MikaruXSatsuki, possible other pairings mentioned through out the story.
Rating: R-NC-17
(For First Two chapters or so) NC-15 (Just to be Safe)

Warnings:  Angst, Smut, Fluff, Drunkenness, Violence and Rape. Lots of Swearing! MPreg (in Later Chapters)!

Synopsis:  Night of drinking ends badly for a certain vocalist, when he gets invited to a Christmas party that different Label Bands have been invited to. Can the one, who harmed him, possibly make up for his actions over the course of 9 months before it’s too late?

 Disclaimer: Oh yes I own Mikaru! : P Nah I'm joking with ya guys, I wish I did though, that man is so damn sexy and drool-worthy!! Copyright infringement not intended here! 

Comments: My First time doing a Dio~Distraught Overlord~ pairing cross over, so no killing me okay >_< Thank you. And if you don’t like MPreg stories, you don’t have to read this story. Also when I mentioned that Dio finally had a new band mate to replace Erina, this is just an alternate possibility here to help fit in my story so yeah. And also new to writing an MPreg story here, so be gentle on me. Comments are love!




Chapter One A:

-December 24th-


Satsuki had kept a secret from the entire world ever since the formation and disbandment of Rentrer en Soi. He didn’t want to let the world know he was a freak to be honest.


Two weeks ago, he had been called up by an old friend of his, well more an old friend of the band’s, to come to a Christmas party, which he decided he would attend seeing he had that week off from touring and working his lungs with his singing.


His Solo career was going quite well so far, the fans loved his two new singles, and the few lives he did managed to do over the year. Now he was looking forward to relaxing and talking to some of the other vocalists and other bands that were going to be at the party.


What was funny also, the other reason he was going to this party, seeing he wasn’t usually one to go to parties, he stayed home and slept usually; was due to the fact he didn’t feel like being alone for Christmas Eve. His family was going out of country for the holiday, and now that he was alone career wise, he didn’t have anyone really to hang out with. His Ex. band mates were scattered all over now, doing their own solo projects.


He felt very lonely, most of the time now. It would be the first year that Rentrer en Soi broke up tomorrow night. He wondered what he would do with himself tomorrow; perhaps try to work on some lyrics or something to distract his mind. He would see how he felt in the morning.


Satsuki at the very moment was sitting on the couch in the person who had invited him here’s house. It was a pretty big house mind you. Apparently there were quite a few bands and solo artists who had been invited, besides Satsuki himself. He only recognized perhaps a handful of them from reading Cure magazine and Shoxx magazine, occasionally when work wasn’t killing him.


Taking a sip of his drink, his dark brown eyes began to roam around the room; there were a good 15 people in the living room. The rest were mingling in the rooms that their Host would allow them in.


Suddenly a shadow came over him, and Satsuki had to look up to see who was blocking his view. A voice spoke up.


“I don’t believe we met before…but your face seems very familiar to me…” A hand was then placed out for Satsuki to shake.


Satsuki smiled and immediately stood up and took the hand and lightly shook it. “You probably remember me when I was singing for Rentrer en Soi…and you are?” The bishounen singer said, while staring at a brunette.


“Ah, then your Satsuki then…I’m Ivy from Dio, I play the bass.” The brunette then smiled and shook the hand in return, while also bowing.


“I’m afraid I never heard of your band, but it’s very nice to meet you Ivy-Kun…” Satsuki gave a small bow in return while placing his drink down on the table.


Ivy gave this very adorable smile to Satsuki. “Its probably because we are still under the Indies status, and we just came off of being on hiatus due to having lost our main guitarist back in September and having to replace him…” He giggled softly.  “Its nice to finally meet someone so famous in the industry…”


Satsuki chuckled softly, this man was quite cute, and he seemed nice. “So is your band also a Visual Kei band?”


Ivy nodded his head. “Hai we are…most of my band mates are here except our replacement, he had to leave to go visit his family. Most of our families live either in this city or not far.”


“Oh? Which of these people are your band mates?” Satsuki was curious now about Ivy’s band.


Ivy then pointed while shifting his own drink to his other hand. “The blonde with the piercings on his lip, that’s our other guitarist Kei…the one speaking to Jin of Nega, one of Under Code Production’s Indies bands. And over there, the other brunette who’s sitting by himself, that’s our drummer Denka-Kun…he’s usually pretty quiet…and I’m not sure where our singer is…probably in the kitchen getting drunk as usual…but he’s Mikaru. Oh wait there he is…” He then pointed to a dirty blonde spike haired tall man who had just came out of the kitchen holding a beer in his hand.


Satsuki allowed his eyes to roam while Ivy pointed out people and rambled on a little. Satsuki then bent down and reached for his drink while listening. His eyes saw Mikaru walking over towards one of the others, walking with a bit of a stumble. He was no doubt very drunk by the looks of it. But he was quite handsome.


This made Satsuki blush a little at where his thoughts were going. Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, he then tried to focus on Ivy’s voice for a while.


Little did he know, that he had a pair of eyes also on him, watching him with a strange look?


Mikaru had come to this party, only because Kei and Ivy had both dragged him here. He was usually at home with his dog on Christmas seeing his parents weren’t very happy about his choice in career, having ‘disowned’ him as it was put.


The tall dirty blonde could careless to be honest, he was a grown man, and he had felt music was going to be his career path for a very long time, or until his fans got fed up of him, whichever came first.


Mikaru wasn’t very sociable person to be honest even around his band mates, unless alcohol was involved, then that was an entirely different story. The tall singer had headed immediately for the kitchen and locked himself there, only talking to the host of the party and thanking him for inviting the newly reinstated band to his Christmas Eve party.


Now the singer was feeling quite good, well more like shit faced really, he had quite a few drinks in the last 2 hours of the party. He had decided to stumble out of the kitchen, having a bottle of Asahi beer in his hand as he did this, having been scolded by Kei a little while ago, to go out and mingle with the other music artists, maybe he would find someone interesting to talk to.


So now here he was, trying to find someone interesting to talk to. He spotted Denka sitting on the couch, talking with some blonde; he had no idea who he was from, band wise. Then there was Kei who was talking to Jin, he knew about Jin and his band Nega, they were not a bad band to be honest.


His eyes then stopped on Ivy, who was talking to a brunette, the man seemed familiar to him. Where had he seen this one? Wait…wasn’t he the guy from that band that had disbanded last Christmas? Watching the man turn to look around the room as he spoke to Ivy, Mikaru’s eyebrow raised, the man was sexy…no scratch that, he was beautiful, for a moment he had though Ivy was talking to some cute Female JRocker.


Mikaru was quite intrigued by this man now, and then suddenly the name of this man came flooding back to his mind. Suddenly he heard Ivy call his name and saw a hand waving in the air to get his attention. The taller man then decided to head over casually towards the two of them.


“Hey Mikaru-Kun! I want to introduce you to someone…” Ivy started to say, but was cut off by Mikaru.


“It’s finally an honour to meet you Rentrer en Soi no Satsuki-San.” Mikaru said with a half drunken like voice as he reached out with a hand towards the gorgeous Bishounen.


The bishounen in question smiled shyly and took the hand and shook it, offering Mikaru a bow. “It’s very lovely to meet you Mikaru-San…and unfortunately its just Satsuki-San now, my band and I broke up last year on Christmas Day…”


The man’s voice was just as gorgeous as it was when he sang, thought Mikaru inwardly. Even though Mikaru had only listened to probably a handful of songs of Rentrer en Soi’s, he knew the singer was really good.


“Ah I’m sorry to hear that then…” Mikaru said before pausing to let out a loud belch, which got him rewarded with a few peals of laughter through out the room and a few odd stares from others.


Satsuki wrinkled his nose a little, which the taller man didn’t quite catch yet. Ivy shook his head.


“Hey at least say pardon in front of the others Mikaru…” Ivy said with a roll of his eyes.


“Shut the hell up Ivy…we’re all men in here, it’s not like Im in front of the fans doing that…” Mikaru said with a snort. Ivy just rolled his eyes and started chastising Mikaru right in front of Satsuki.


Satsuki decided to get away from the argument and go and refresh his drink. It seemed Mikaru was quite drunk and probably was soon time for him to go home. The bishounen sighed to him; he wished that the evening could go a little better for him.


Once inside the kitchen, he grabbed for the stuff he had been drinking and poured himself another glass, he wasn’t going to drink too much tonight, he had to drive back home after all. Thank goodness Kotaro was a good dog and knew when he was away for the evening, to behave itself.


Satsuki loved the little dog of his. He was a good little companion to have around when he felt lonely, and at least he could talk to Kotaro without being shy or nervous. The bishounen sighed softly to himself as he finished pouring his drink, suddenly seeing the door open and two men that he didn’t recognize, bands wise, stumbling in, making out.


This made the brunette blush and quickly he attempted to get out of the kitchen as quickly as he could, heading back into the living room, to only find Ivy had disappeared, and Mikaru was nowhere in sight. Frowning he looked around for where Ivy was.


“He left in a huff, because Mikaru-Kun almost lost his temper…Satsuki-San…” spoke one of the dark haired men.


“Ah okay thank you…” Satsuki said softly and took a few more sips of his drink while wandering the hallways. He wondered where their host was at the moment. Probably doing the same thing as those two guys in the kitchen but with someone else.


Satsuki sighed and looked down at his feet, he could feel the year’s worth of loneliness and stress start to finally break through his barriers. He felt so alone at the moment, and he didn’t know why at all. He was still doing the one thing that he loved very much, and that was singing. He had his back up band when he was doing tours or concerts, so at least he had someone to talk to when he was working.


Maybe it was because he missed his closest of friends. This year had not been the greatest it seemed for JRock and Visual Kei. There had been a lot of bands that had disbanded this year, and Satsuki had lost a dear friend of his to sickness during the summer.


Satsuki pondered calling his former band mates, and still his very close friends and see how they were all doing, that is unless they all had gone away for the holidays also. He would try though to give them a call. He deeply missed the easy-going partnership and friendships he had with Mika, Shun, Ryo and even Takumi.


His thoughts of his former band mates brought a sad smile to his lips. He looked up in time to end up walking into a tall lean body and ended up flat on his backside with a small oof.


“Watch where your fucking going you fucking baka…” Growled a voice, that sounded quite familiar to Satsuki.


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