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Jrock mpreg fanfiction
Tenir Mon Coeur Chapter 2/? 
7th-Oct-2009 05:29 pm

Fandom: JRock (Visual Kei) Yaoi
Dio~Distraught Overlord~ Rentrer en Soi, Solo
 MikaruXSatsuki, DenkaXIvy, possible other pairings mentioned through out the story.
Rating: R-NC-17
(For First Two chapters or so) NC-15 (Just to be Safe)

Warnings:  Nothing Except for Some Swearing.
Status: Incomplete!
Synopsis: “What the fuck…! What did you do!”? Shouted another person; Satsuki cringed as he recognized the voice being that of Ivy. 
Disclaimer: Oh yes I own Mikaru! : P Nah I'm joking with ya guys, I wish I did though, that man is so damn sexy and drool-worthy!! Copyright infringement not intended here! 

 Comments:  Comments are love here Guys!

Chapter Two

Satsuki woke up the next day, feeling like garbage, like he was filth. His mind remembered every detail of last night, when he had been raped. He curled up on the soft thing that he felt was definitely a bed.

Letting out a pained whimper, his slightly bruised eyes opened slowly as he peered around, wondering where he was at the moment. He needed to get out of here and fast. He hoped his attacker wasn’t in the room at the moment.

He then slowly tried to move, but couldn’t as very sharp pains hit him, he almost let out a cry of pain, which made his slumbering attacker, finally stir. Satsuki tried to then quickly pretend he was asleep still, scared his attacker might try to rape him again.

His heart began to pound in his rib cage though from fear that was beginning to build up.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door, and the sound of the doorknob being jiggled and a voice, probably their host. “What the fuck? Who the fuck locked this door…Okay whoever the hell’s in there, better come and unlock the door. RIGHT this minute!”

Satsuki tried to call out but his eyes darted over to the corner, when he saw someone or something very tall gets up and stalked towards the door, unlocking it quickly and then heard the someone talk to the person outside.

“What the fuck is your problem!” Growled Mikaru.

Satsuki whimpered as he recognized his rapist’s voice, trying to curl up into an even tighter ball, hoping the host wouldn’t see his disgrace at the moment. But it was all for naught, seeing there was a shout.

“What the fuck…! What did you do!”? Shouted another person; Satsuki cringed as he recognized the voice being that of Ivy. He must have came to get Mikaru when the host didn’t see him leave the party last night, probably having had passed out somewhere in the house, which wasn’t the truth at all.

Mikaru blinked for a moment before the tall man was shoved to the side by Ivy and by the looks of it a half asleep, Denka. The brown haired then walked over to where Satsuki was at the moment curled up into a ball, blood had soaked the bed sheets slightly. There was blood also in between the bishounen’s thighs.

Satsuki sniffled and felt like dying right now, he was so frightened of that tall singer even more then before.

“Shhh Satsuki-San its okay…I’m not going to hurt you, no one’s going to hurt you…” Ivy spoke out softly, as he reached out to touch the brown hair. Ivy then glared at Mikaru who was now being shoved out the door by Denka and their host; he couldn’t believe that Mikaru had raped someone like Satsuki, OF ALL PEOPLE TO RAPE!  

“Keep Mikaru away from this room you guys!” Called Ivy, while trying to get Satsuki to calm down, seeing the tears in his eyes. “Satsuki-San its okay Shhh…I’m going to take you home okay? I promise we won’t hurt you, I won’t let Mikaru near you right now…”

Satsuki looked up at Ivy and sniffled softly but nodded his consent to Dio’s bass guitarist. He then felt fingers reach out to pet his hair, he tried to inch away from the fingers, but he knew Ivy promised to not hurt him.

Ivy smiled down at Satsuki as he reached out to grab a blanket to wrap the poor injured and scared vocalist in, making sure there wasn’t any serious injuries that would require Satsuki to be taken instead of home to the hospital, while he did this, all he saw was dried blood coming from between his thighs, and that had dried up. He should be all right after that. 

Once Satsuki was wrapped up, Ivy then called Denka back in. “Denka-Kun I need your help getting Satsuki to my car, I’m going to get his address and take him home…”  

Denka then came into the room. “Mikaru took off Ivy…I tried to make him stay but he wouldn’t listen…” spoke the quiet Drummer. Ivy frowned at this and said. “We’ll deal with him later, right now we got to take care of Satsuki-San, now help me pick him up and carry him to the car please Denka?”  

Denka nodded his head to his friend and walked over to the bed, and looked down at the poor vocalist for a moment. “Shit he fucked him up pretty badly ne?” Denka said before carefully picking up Satsuki into his arms and started walking towards the door, Ivy following him quickly behind.

“Hai he did, and he’s going to get a blasting from me, Kei and you later, and when Iku gets back from his family tomorrow.” Spoke Ivy as they walked down the hallway.  Ivy then stopped when they saw their host standing there, a worried look on his face for the Former singer of Rentrer en Soi, evident, he probably was shocked that their own Singer would come here and do something like this to someone.  

Ivy then spoke to the man for a few minutes, apologizing for Mikaru’s behaviour and asked for Satsuki’s address, seeing Satsuki had fallen asleep and couldn’t give them it himself at the moment. Their host was happy to give the address for Satsuki’s apartment. 

Once Satsuki was carefully placed in the car, Ivy had Denka drive them, seeing he wanted to make sure Satsuki was okay. He felt so bad for leaving Satsuki alone last night at the party, he should have stayed and tried to prevent Mikaru from loosing his temper and probably no doubt try to take it out on Satsuki.  

That man was stupid when he got drunk, he and the others of his band had seen or felt first hand what Mikaru’s wrath was like when he was drunk. Ivy petted Satsuki’s hair on the drive home, speaking soothing words to the distraught sleeping man.  

“Everything’s going to be fine Satsuki-San, I promise…” He then heard Denka speak about something about where exactly the apartment was, and Ivy quickly replied back. 

They finally arrived at the place after 20 minutes of quiet driving around, and Ivy quickly unbuckled his seatbelt and helped lay Satsuki carefully onto the backseat and got out while allowing Denka to carefully pick Satsuki up. Making sure there wasn’t any onlookers or people in general, they didn’t need anyone to see Satsuki in this state, especially fans of his.

It wasn’t that bad of a day, weather wise, but they made sure to keep Satsuki wrapped up enough so he wouldn’t freeze as they got him into the elevator of the small apartment building and then pressed the right floor button.

Ivy then reached out to touch Satsuki’s forehead briefly, frowning as he saw the pained look on the angelic sleeping face. 

“When we get done, I’m going to kill Mikaru, fuck…” Growled Ivy.

 Denka reached with a free hand, keeping Satsuki balanced in his arms and gave Ivy’s shoulder a light squeeze. “Don’t worry Ivy…Satsuki-San will be fine…lets try to enjoy the day at least okay?” He was worried Ivy might get hurt if he went after Mikaru on his own, that man was strong after all.

Ivy sighed and nodded. “Your right, I’m just so mad right now at him…why the fuck would he do that? Go and rape someone!”  

Satsuki was starting to wake up slowly as he heard voices, he tried to shift in the arms that were holding him and moaned softly in pain as his back throbbed once again.  

Ivy turned to look down at the small vocalist. “Hey take it easy there, just relax, we’re almost at your apartment…okay?” He then stroked Satsuki’s hair lightly for a moment before the elevator finally stopped on Satsuki’s floor and they carefully carried the poor man to the door of his apartment.

Ivy then took the keys he had found in Satsuki’s pockets and found the right key, and opened the door; the sound of a small dog barking could be heard. Ivy looked at Denka when he saw the little Chihuahua running over to them, and began yapping at them.  

Denka nodded, this was probably Satsuki’s little dog Kotaro, and the drummer then began moving Satsuki over to the couch and laid him down on it. Ivy then bent down and allowed the little dog to sniff his hand.

“Hey there little guy, don’t worry we’re just bringing your master home…” Ivy cooed to the cute little dog, giving Kotaro some pets before picking up the little doggy and placing him carefully somewhere, once the dog was trusting of him.  

“Help me unwrap the blankets and get his clothes off, I think a bath will help him, and I’ll get his wounds all fixed up and we’ll keep an eye on him after we go and deal with Mikaru. He needs someone to talk to right now…” Ivy said.

Denka nodded. “You want me to call Kei?” He asked while helping to get the blanket off the injured man.

“Hai I think that’s a good idea right now…” Ivy said. “So Kei can help us track Mikaru down later on and let him know what happened last night, what a freaking Christmas this was…ne Denka?” He then got up once Satsuki was laying comfortably naked on the couch, and went to get a warm bath ready for the poor vocalist, trying to not look at the beautiful bruised body of Satsuki’s.

Once the bath was ready, Ivy returned to seeing Satsuki was awake again, shivering and whimpering softly. “Hey! Hey Satsuki-San…” Ivy said and quickly ran over to the couch, Denka was still on the phone with Kei.

Satsuki looked around. “Where am I? Who…” He whimpered. Kotaro yipped from his little doggy basket where he always slept, worried for his master.  

“Satsuki-San, calm down, you were raped by my band’s singer last night at the Christmas Eve party, I’m Ivy and the man on the phone is my boyfriend Denka, we are of Dio~Distraught Overlord~, we brought you home to help you out…” Ivy said with a frown, most rape victims sometimes would shut down their memories of the incident.

Satsuki started to calm down a little as Ivy told him everything, nodding his head, he then felt a hand on his shoulder, and almost inched away from the soothing touch, but stopped himself.

Ivy then said. “I made a bath for you, if you’ll let me take you into the bathroom, I promise I won’t touch you in any weird places or hurt you…” He was trying to be soothing.  

Satsuki blinked his dark eyes before looking up and nodding his head in consent to Ivy. He felt he could at least trust this man. He was really nice.  

Ivy smiled and then stood up and reached out to gently pick up Satsuki, the man wasn’t that heavy actually, as he began to carry the nude man out of the living room and then into Satsuki’s own bathroom.  

He then carefully helped Satsuki into the tub, which started at first to hiss in pain from the warm water touching his very abused skin, but he managed to relax finally.  Ivy then spoke up. 

“If you need me for anything, just call me, we’ll be out in the living room okay? We want to make sure your fine and can take care of yourself ne?”  

Satsuki nodded his head. “Arigatou…Ivy-Kun, for helping me…” 

Ivy smiled brightly at Satsuki, bowing his head slightly before walking out, and shutting the door behind him to let the man have some time to himself.



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(/ω\) noooo mikaru ! i like ivy hehe ❤

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8th-Oct-2009 10:12 am (UTC)
*laugh* THat would be a good thing ne? Thank you for the lovely comments, Chapter Three will be up as soon as possible ^_^
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