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Jrock mpreg fanfiction
[A9 fanfic] Cross Game prologue(toraxsaga) 
17th-Jul-2010 12:31 pm
hi 'm a newbie here and i got a fic(co-wrote with a friend) to share!

Title: Cross Game
Author: vampire_kiki (Saga’s side) and chibi_bisque (Tora’s side)
Beta: Kuni Klein
Band: Alice Nine and possibly mention of other Jrockers
Pairings: ToraxSaga (main), maybe some other later
Rating: R to NC-17 (much later)
Genre: AU, very AU; drama and probably failed attempts at being humorous.
Warning: smut, mpreg and angst
Decication: it’s a request for my friend cream4me, who provided the basic plot.
Chapter’s Summary: Just looked at what had happened to him the last time he let his guard down when Tora was around, was enough a lesson to teach him the otherwise.
PS: the A9 boys probably look something close to this in that story!

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