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Jrock mpreg fanfiction
Title: Wolf Den Author: fallindeath  Rating: NC-17… 
1st-Nov-2008 09:00 pm
Taste Me

Title: Wolf Den
Author: fallindeath 
Rating: NC-17 (eventually)
Genre: Romance, angst, fantasy
Warnings: Yaoi, Mpreg. Don't read if you don't like this stuff.
Pairings: AoixUru, ReitaxKai (so far)
fandom: The GazettE, JRock
Disclaimer: I do not own these people, their names, their music, or anything.
Summary: "Are you going to kill me?"
Notes: Aoi and Uruha are Neko-ish creatures, except they are called wolves due to their wolfish ears and tails. Sound familiar? It should if you've read my Wolves fic. This one's just Gazette style.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Sorry. You do have to befriend me to read my stories. But I never turn anyone away unless you are obviously underage to be reading this crap. Check out my stuff.
2nd-Nov-2008 08:43 am (UTC)
could i be your friend
2nd-Nov-2008 12:31 pm (UTC)
hi, i'm very interested n your fanfic and i'd love to read them, do you mind befriending me? i'd be grateful. See you!!!!!!!!!
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