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Jrock mpreg fanfiction
Tenir Mon Coeur Chapter 1b/? 
2nd-Oct-2009 10:26 pm

Fandom: JRock (Visual Kei) Yaoi
Dio~Distraught Overlord~ Rentrer en Soi, Solo
 MikaruXSatsuki, possible other pairings mentioned through out the story.
Rating: R-NC-17
(For First Two chapters or so) NC-15 (Just to be Safe)

Warnings:  Rape and Violence and Lots of Cursing in this Chapter!

Synopsis: “Watch where your fucking going you fucking baka…” Growled a voice, that sounded quite familiar to Satsuki.
Disclaimer: Oh yes I own Mikaru! : P Nah I'm joking with ya guys, I wish I did though, that man is so damn sexy and drool-worthy!! Copyright infringement not intended here! 

Comments:  Comments are love here Guys!

Chapter 1B

Satsuki winced as he was cursed at and finally managed to look up to see a very pissed off Mikaru hovering over him, and apparently now he was soaked with the brown haired vocalist’s drink, that he had accidentally spilled on him.

"I’m so sorry Mikaru-Kun…I didn’t mean to run into you…” He struggled to get up to his feet, but was suddenly grabbed almost violently by the man.

“You little fucking bitch, look what you did!” growled Mikaru as he lifted the smaller man up to his eye level, the man was pretty damn strong if he could pick Satsuki up like the way he was doing.  

“Hey come on, I said I was sorry!” Satsuki tried to push Mikaru away; the man was very strong though. Mikaru also wasn’t probably thinking straight; he was drunk still.

"Oh no…your not getting the fuck away this time you little fucking tease…” Hissed the taller man and got up into Satsuki’s face.  

The smaller singer started to panic and looked around to see if someone could come help him get Mikaru off, but there was no one around in the halls, everyone was probably too drunk to come into the hall here. He then struggled with Mikaru’s grip, trying to pry the big hands off his shirt, but the stronger man continued to keep his grip on him.

He then felt something hit him in the face, a hand. Satsuki then let out a small startled cry of pain as he attempted to press his palm to the now reddening palm print on his cheek. Staring up with wide eyes that were full of fear.

“Stop fucking struggling bitch…” Mikaru said with a growl, getting right into Satsuki’s face, the smaller man could smell the alcohol off of Mikaru’s breath practically now.

“Please let go of me Mikaru-San, your not yourself right now…” Satsuki pleaded. He was very scared what this man might do to him in this state. He had also never been in a situation like this ever in his life.  

Mikaru smirked and then moved down the hallway and shoved Satsuki up against a wall, pinning him by the throat with his elbow, getting right into his face once again. “Fuck you, I’m fine…you and that pretty boy…fucking shut it…” He growled.

Satsuki winced in pain when he was shoved up against the wall. He could not believe this; Mikaru must really act stupid when he’s drunk. Ivy wasn’t even here to begin with, wishing to God that Ivy hadn’t taken off when he had. He needed help.

The smaller vocalist then decided to take matters into his own hands and reached out with a hand to push Mikaru’s face away and then move his knee up and attempted to kick Mikaru in the groin. 

Mikaru was just about to slap Satsuki again when he let out a loud yell of pain, ending up dropping Satsuki and falling to his knees. Satsuki quickly took his chance and struggled to get up to his feet and run for it down the hallway towards the living room where the others were.

He was just about to reach the room, when he felt someone grab him by his hair and then pull him back. Almost letting out a small pained scream, as he was yanked back. Hearing Mikaru’s voice hiss into his ear. 

“Oh your going to fucking get it now…”

Satsuki struggled once again to get Mikaru to let go of him, but he was pushed into one of the rooms, and unceremoniously thrown onto the bed, with a pained hiss escaping the small man’s lips, before hearing the door slam shut and then hearing a click.

Satsuki scrambled to move off the bed, to try to get away from Mikaru’s clutches, but he was quickly stopped by two very strong hands gripping his arms and shoving them upwards onto the bed, having had landed on his belly, being shoved together above his head.

“Please stop Mikaru…I said I was sorry…” Satsuki pleaded, his body hurt very much from the abuse, a few tears managed to escape his eyes, he was so scared right now, and he felt so helpless and weak.

“Shut the fuck up!” Mikaru yelled and then slapped Satsuki hard again across the face, earning him a small choked sob from the beautiful bishounen. “I’m going to fucking teach you a fucking lesson…”

Oh Mikaru was indeed going to teach this man a lesson. He then leaned forward, using one hand to keep the bishounen’s hands pinned, and began to tear at the smaller man’s clothing, trying to get the man’s pants off, managing to tear them off the man’s legs, and then quickly moved to claw at Satsuki’s shirt, earning whimpers and small screams from the pinned man below him.

“What part of shut the fuck up did you not understand huh?” Shouted Mikaru, digging his nails into Satsuki’s arms up above.  

The smaller vocalist winced as he felt those long fingernail hands dig into his sensitive flesh of his wrists, to the point that blood began to seep out of them. Sacchan sniffled softly, trying to not get hurt again; he then let out a small scream again when he felt Mikaru’s other hand painfully dig into his hip.

Mikaru smirked, he had to admit, and this one had a nice body, too bad he had to beat the fuck out of him for spilling that shit all over him, he then leaned over and bit at the pale shoulder that was exposed to him, earning another pained whimper. He could feel the smaller body struggle to get freed of him he wouldn’t allow that anytime soon, not until the lesson was done, drunk or not, he could give less of a fuck right now.

He then pulled his face away, seeing the teeth marks on the skin now, and blood start to seep out in certain places, he then clawed at the pale skin of the man’s back before finally having enough of this, and deciding to quickly get it over with. He then began to unzip his pants.

Satsuki could hear a zipper being undone, and his eyes widened. “No! Stop this please…please I’m begging you not to do this Mikaru…” He said with a whimper, trying to struggle once again, only it had earned him a punch to the side of his head, which almost sent him flying off the bed, from the force of his would be rapist’s swing. His head was in a lot of pain now, the punch almost having knocked him out entirely.

“Shut the fuck up I said…I don’t give a fuck what you have to say or want me to do!!! You’re a fucking little slut, and sluts need to be fucking punished…” Growled the taller vocalist harshly into Satsuki’s ear before reaching out to grab for the smaller man’s hips, forcing him into the right position, forcing his legs in between those quivering pale thighs.

Growling softly he then pushed his pants down his legs, along with his boxers, grabbing himself and then without giving a damn about preparation or anything, he shoved himself inside of the tight heat, letting out an almost animalistic growl at the tightness and heat, and also earning a very loud painful scream from his victim below.

“Oh fucking gods…” Groaned Mikaru, as he didn’t even give the man below him time to adjust, he just started to quickly pound into the body below him. His victim continued to scream in pain, and quickly the taller vocalist grabbed for the man’s chin and slapped him across the face again. “Shut up!” He snarled, and spat into the man’s face while he fucked him.

Satsuki moaned in pain as his rapist continued to fuck him, and let out a cry of pain as he was slapped again and then felt spit hit him in the face. He sobbed loudly as Mikaru continued to rape him, not stopping, Satsuki wished he could make the man stop; he didn’t want this at all!

The pain was too excruciating for the small man and he ended up passing out immediately from all the pain surrounding him.

Mikaru groaned as he continued to pound the man below him, not even realizing that he had made the poor man pass out from the pain he was inflicting on the man. He was getting close to his climax and quickly gripped the man’s hips tighter, letting go of the man’s hands finally, and with two more thrusts, he finally came, with a loud groan, having also not realized that his victim hadn’t been making any noises for the last few minutes.

Mikaru then pulled out and noticed blood all over himself and coming out of his victim as well, but then again he didn’t care, the alcohol and his orgasm at the moment were making him very sleepy. He then managed to pull his pants up, but didn’t button them up and crawled over to a corner and collapsed into an inebriated slumber.

A/N: I feel sad now ;_; Poor Sacchan! I want to cry now. But don't worry Sacchan will be okay guys I promise XD

4th-Oct-2009 12:47 am (UTC)
Poor Satsuki TT___TT

Please continue ! This is very good (*^▽^*)

4th-Oct-2009 05:53 pm (UTC)
Don't worry I'm working on Chapter Two right now ^_^ Shouldn't take me too long ^_^ And thank you so much for the comments Sora-Chan! ^_^
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